by Chris Nicholson
coming (finally!) in 2024
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Photographing Lighthouses book cover

About the Book

Lighthouses have long been a nostalgic subject for the photographer, standing sentinel against time and the relentless ocean, as beacons of both danger and hope, firmly planted in the sands of seafaring and Americana.

But photographing them at night? Aye, them seas can be choppy!

In this upcoming book, author and photographer Chris Nicholson will discuss the basics and the advanced methods of photographing lighthouses in both day and night conditions. From tricky exposures, to challenges with perspective, to issues with timing and more.

Different types of lighthouses come with different sets of advantages and hurdles, and this book will cover them all, offering techniques to meet those challenges and create your best lighthouse photos ever.

About the Author

Chris Nicholson is the author of Photographing National Parks and is a partner, director of content and night photography instructor for National Parks at Night. He is a founder of the Night Photo Summit and serves on the organizing board of the Nightscaper Photo Conference.

A native of New England, Chris grew up with ready access to lighthouses, and has been photographing them for 30 years. As part of his work with National Parks at Night, he teaches night photography workshops focused on lighthouses, enjoying the opportunity to share this passion with other photographers.

As a former magazine editor and longtime magazine contributor, Chris’ work has appeared in over 40 books and periodicals. He has served as a book editor for National Parks Traveler, a content consultant for Chimani national-park travel guide apps, and a writer for various photography websites.

Chris has taught for CreativeLive and as a PhotoPills Master, is a regular presenter for Out of Chicago and the B&H Event Space, and he speaks at photography conferences and events around the U.S.

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